Genshin Impact Unveils Initial Glimpse of Natlan Map
Published 8 Jul 2024
A recent teaser trailer for Genshin Impact has offered fans their first glimpse of the map for the game's upcoming Natlan region. With less than two months until the anticipated launch of Natlan, HoYoverse has given fans plenty of reasons to be excited. The Version 4.7 Special Program provided an initial in-game look at Natlan, showcasing new mounts and some of the wildlife found throughout the region. Now, the latest trailer delves even deeper, highlighting more details about Natlan and its characters.

The new teaser introduces the cast of characters players will encounter in Natlan. The short video features three characters: a short girl using a vehicle, a white-haired girl fishing in a pond, and a black-haired boy wielding a Claymore. While no names or specific details about these characters were revealed, fans expect them to be available in Genshin Impact's Version 5.0 update. Additionally, fans have uncovered significant hints about Natlan's layout from the teaser.

The trailer also unveiled initial hints about Natlan's map. Fans have pieced together various shots from the teaser, revealing one of the first paths through Natlan, surrounded by large hills and rocky outcroppings. The map highlights several points of interest, including a structure in the southeast mountains and winding rivers in the southwest. While the early map doesn't feature Natlan's capital city, it focuses on the wilderness. The final map for Version 5.0 is speculated to be much larger, with additional features like hot springs and a volcano environment hinted at in previous reveals. The Natlan region is set to launch with Genshin Impact's Version 5.0 update, expected in late August.

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