Street Fighter 6 Welcomes Two Fatal Fury Guest Fighters and the Return of Bison
Published 9 Jun 2024
Capcom has announced that M. Bison, the first character of Street Fighter 6's Year 2 pass and the game's next DLC character, will be released on June 26, 2024. This addition marks a continuation of Capcom's strong momentum for Street Fighter 6, following the success of the first-year DLC pass that introduced four new characters. The recently revealed second pass at Summer Game Fest promises not only the return of fan-favorite characters but also guest fighters from SNK's Fatal Fury franchise. The Year 2 pass will feature the return of Elena and M. Bison, with Elena being a nature-loving fighter from Kenya and B. Bison, one of the series' most iconic villains, coming back to terrorize the roster after his presumed death in Street Fighter 5.

The Year 2 reveal trailer, shown at Summer Game Fest, briefly showcased each fighter and their release windows, with M. Bison arriving first in Summer 2024. Capcom teased fans with a gameplay trailer for M. Bison, highlighting some of his signature moves. This version of Bison is depicted as suffering from amnesia and wandering aimlessly, yet reclaiming his old identity and retaining his familiar moves like the Psycho Crusher and Head Stomp. While Gerald C. Rivers continues to voice Bison in English, Taiten Kusunoki will succeed Norio Wakamoto in the Japanese dub. After M. Bison's release, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury will join the roster in Autumn 2024, followed by Elena in Spring 2025, and Mai Shiranui in Winter 2025.

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