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Toypanic always best.this time box damaged.lucky inside safe. Toypanic box is best.haha
Diong loo keong . Perak, Malaysia . 05/12/2023
Happy to finally receive this huge fella! Good packaging, fast shipment and superb price! Item was received in pristine condition! Well done ToyPanic!
Roy Cheok Meng Yew . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 05/12/2023
i surprise to find a rare game in Toypanic yet with cheap price
mohd faiz bin ibrahim . Kelantan, Malaysia . 05/12/2023
Very good experience as first time purchasing from ToyPanic! Very very good experience! Fast delivery too!
William Liau . Selangor, Malaysia . 04/12/2023
Thk you for the upgrade to pos laju, much appreciated πŸ‘
Peter Law Siong Hiung . Sarawak, Malaysia . 04/12/2023
Toypanic always care and do the best to customers ,after I purchase with Toypanic, I non stop buying with toypanic many years, thank you Toypanic always do the best for me,thank you!
BOON KUN TIEN . Johor, Malaysia . 04/12/2023
Buy,build,pose,photo,repeat. Straight buy from new branch store and build it.
Tan Yong Zhe . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 03/12/2023
The packing division is always spot on! Thanks for the Jada figure. Handsome wei! The bat in me awaken!!!!
Rueben . Sarawak, Malaysia . 02/12/2023
Item arrived safely...Great packaging...
THAYAALLAN NAIDU A/L GANESAN . Johor, Malaysia . 02/12/2023
Super good services & nice packaging. I like Toypanic the most as the order received always in good condition. Just sometimes the stock is limited, I always too slow to get it
Goh Beng Ying . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
Item received in perfect condition, thank you boss, will deal again.
CHEN ZHUN MIN . Perak, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
Thank you ToyPanic for selling the defintive Boss Borot figure
Ng Wei Shen . Perak, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
One of my best buying experience with ToyPanic. Staffs are friendly especially the customer service. Excellence service & patience to solve my problem and enquiries.
ian Ooi . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/12/2023
ToyPanic packaging is very good. The box is in good condition.
KELVIN YOONG THIAM CHOON . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
Look solid with some weight.
KELVIN YOONG THIAM CHOON . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
Finally item received condition it with best service.
Wooi . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 01/12/2023
Good packing and fast delivery
lim wei kiat . Perak, Malaysia . 02/12/2023
Superb packaging. Fast delivery and Toypanic even upgrade to express courier. THANK YOU TOYPANIC. You make 1 of my childhood dreams came true. Less 1 thing to fulfill what I desire and wish in life. ARIGATO GOZAIMASU
Daryl Wong IT Department . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 02/12/2023
Heavy so nice
Lau Mun Wah . Perak, Malaysia . 29/11/2023
Good packaging and fast delivery !
Yap Kah Hou . Selangor, Malaysia . 29/11/2023
Harga gunpla memang berbaloi berbanding tempat lain.
ahmad mujahid . Terengganu, Malaysia . 29/11/2023
ADRIAN LIAW KIM IN . Sarawak, Malaysia . 29/11/2023
Toypanic always the best. No other word to describe them anymore.
Kenny Chong . Selangor, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
Fast And Good Service
Shyang . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
Arrived faster than expected, thank you toypanic.
Lim Kai Heng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
terbaik sokmo
Mohd Saiful B Salim . Pahang, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
First time purchase from Toypanic. Should have started earlier πŸ˜…. Easy system prompt reply at whatsapp and great packaging of product. Keep up the good work!
Hafeesyam Abdul Kadir . Selangor, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
very fast pack and delivery this time
BrandonNg . Selangor, Malaysia . 28/11/2023
Parcel received in good condition. Well packed by Toy Panic packing team.
Tan Ming Wei . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 27/11/2023
Best toy shop so far, carries a wide variety of collectables, great pricing and most importantly strong packaging for shipping. Nicely padded and has a great ToyPanic thick carton box.
BEH YANG CHENG . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 26/11/2023
Nice πŸ‘πŸ»
Shyang . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 27/11/2023
Better than expected, figure looks excellent, articulation ok, came with stands & additional hands, box design good.
Bernard Chua . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 26/11/2023
Never disappointed if purchase toys from ToyPanic!
Khor Shan Ging . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 27/11/2023
The delivery was so fast that I didn't realised that it has arrived πŸ˜….
The toys are nicely packed, padded and protected.
Goo Shao Wei . Johor, Malaysia . 25/11/2023
Thanks Toypanic! Now Spider-Man 2099 has join my Multiverse Spider-man group 😊
David Tan . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 25/11/2023
terbaik sokmo
Mohd Saiful B Salim . Pahang, Malaysia . 24/11/2023
sentiasa terbaik
Mohd Saiful B Salim . Pahang, Malaysia . 24/11/2023
Great packaging with very secured and fast shipment from ToyPanic! Definitely happy to add this to the collection. Good job folks!
Roy Cheok Meng Yew . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 24/11/2023
Fast shipping and come with good condition.
TZEYEE JIN . Sarawak, Malaysia . 24/11/2023
Excellent ad always
Ray Chow . Selangor, Malaysia . 24/11/2023
The best as always!!
Lee Boon Tat (M mall) . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/11/2023
Look at the box they ship to me?! Attention to detail by wrapping my toys with bubble wrape and extra paper to protect your toys! Best service!
Alvin Huan . Selangor, Malaysia . 23/11/2023
Received my order today in good condition. Good packaging as usual. Always provide an update regarding the delivery status. Keep up the good service. Thanks
Muhammad Syafiq . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/11/2023
Nice packaging!Everything 5🌟!!
Lau Kwok Kin . Perak, Malaysia . 23/11/2023
Thanks a lot to Toypanic for allowing me to purchase this at price I'm afford to.
Teoh Kheng Leong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 22/11/2023
Too big and so nice item!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ™TQ TOYPANIC
Lau Mun Wah . Perak, Malaysia . 22/11/2023
Too big item and nice item!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ™TQ TOYPANIC
Lau Mun Wah . Perak, Malaysia . 22/11/2023
πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ‘so nice TQ TOYPANIC
Lau Mun Wah . Perak, Malaysia . 22/11/2023
Recieve is nice well package box.

This action figure is amazing even the package box is amazing, it resemble the metal slug 3select screen. It look great! Going to the metal slug video game art to action figure form is perfect. The soft gods(clotting) are great with functional pockets. The amount of accessories you get is awesome. You dont get as much of accessories nowadays. They included a stand you get is metal which is nice by the way, though it is very stiff.

s for any soft goods action figure, the articulation is always hindered by the clothing. So no extreme action post but is not bad. Tarma has problem with his hands as the braclets is blocking the pegs a little bit. The hands articulation is not great because of the bracelets.

Overall this figure is 9/10. But as a metal slug fan 11/10. Tunshi studios did a great job and looking foward with the other figures. As for right now figure getting sold out everywhere and thanks for toypanic for selling this figure. I beg of you please restock fast for the rest of the figures, i would literally give you all my money.
RIC MC LORREN JOLLY . Selangor, Malaysia . 22/11/2023
Items delivered in great condition as always. Beautifully packed and protected with the shipping box
Tan Thian Kai . Johor, Malaysia . 22/11/2023

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"Through much delays it finally arrived, Thank You again for the good services"
Chan Ci Wei (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
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"Toypanic always provide the best customer and delivery service. Thank you ...."
TOH GUAN HUAT (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
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